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12th Aug, 2007

I have had a wonderful weekend at Broadstairs. I am working on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This means that I am travelling backwards and fowards. As the week goes on, I will try and update the following Morris Dancing diary. I hope that it is ok

I tried to look for Chingford Morris. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to locate anyone from the Morris Dancing side. You might have seen me in my pyjamas!:

Friday 10th August 2007
I arrived at Broadstairs. I signed in at Registration and then headed over to the field that I would be camping in. I got settled in with my stuff.

My friend and I headed into town in the evening to try out the pubs. We visited the Charles Dickens, the Dolphin and the Neptune pub. We listened to the band 'Triality' in the Lord Nelson pub.

Saturday 11th August 2007
Our mens' Morris side were running a longsword workshop this morning. I decided to give it a try and went along to learn a dance. I enjoyed learning a dance.

In the afternoon, it was Dress Up afternoon. The ladies had decided to dress in pyjamas and the men were dressed in Men in Black costumes. We used teddy bears instead of sticks and garlands. We danced outside the Albion place. It was quite interesting to walk through the streets afterwards!

One of the men did a barbecue in the evening and the food was lovely. I headed into the town in the evening with a couple of friends. We started off in the Rose. We then headed for the Dolphin and the Lord Nelson pubs. We went to the ceilidh at the Pavilion and then headed back to the food tent for hot chocolate with rum.

Sunday 12th August 2007
I went to the Cajun Dance Workshop in the morning. In the afternoon, we danced outside the Albion place. I headed back to Rochester in the evening.


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13th Aug, 2007 06:02 (UTC)
I hope you walked through the streets in groups in your pyjamas!

I must visit Broadstairs someday - it looks lovely.
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