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Writer's Block: Family matters

How many brothers and sisters would you choose to have, and why?

I always wanted a brother and sister. It would make hide and seek games more interesting than just my sister and me.


This is a rarity for me to mention football but I thought it deserves a mention.

I'm not a supporter but seeing as I live in Gillingham I might as well add this - the Gills (Gillingham Football Club) are at the moment in League Two). We got into the playoffs and reached the finals. The team are playing at Wembley on Saturday!
Been to work today. Ok day - day could have gone a bit more quickly - unfortunately  I can't control the speed of a workday or a weekend!

Went for a walk down to Riverside Park yesterday and tried out my new boots. Felt worn out when I got home.
Off to a funeral tomorrow. One of the Morris Dancers. Didn't know him that well but didn't need time off work as it's my day off anyway. It's up at the crematorium then a pub afterwards.

Not very exciting day at work but day didn't go too slowly.

Off to bellringing tonight. Haven't been for a couple  of weeks.

My turn to cook tonight. I'm doing pork in tomato sauce with vegetables and rice.
I haven't been on here for ages.

Was feeling tired last night. Had early night and woke up feeling less tired this morning.

My SLOC is cooking me a roast dinner - yummy at the moment and chocolate fondue later this evening.

Went to church this morning. Our minister was talking about forgiving others.

Talked to A about CS books. She talked about bacon puddings. I mentioned I liked them. She says next time she makes one she will save me some. I look forward to eating it.

Broadstairs Folk Festival 2008

I've just had a wonderful week at Broadstairs but now worn out! I saw lots of concerts and I did lots of dancing!

4th Oct, 2007

The group I dance with, Bishop Gundulf, is dancing at Tenterden Festival on Saturday 6th October. I have seen that Chingford Morris are on the list. I might see you there! It would be great to meet someone from Live Journal!

12th Aug, 2007

I have had a wonderful weekend at Broadstairs. I am working on Monday, Wednesday and Friday. This means that I am travelling backwards and fowards. As the week goes on, I will try and update the following Morris Dancing diary. I hope that it is ok

I tried to look for Chingford Morris. I'm sorry that I wasn't able to locate anyone from the Morris Dancing side. You might have seen me in my pyjamas!:

Friday 10th August 2007
I arrived at Broadstairs. I signed in at Registration and then headed over to the field that I would be camping in. I got settled in with my stuff.

My friend and I headed into town in the evening to try out the pubs. We visited the Charles Dickens, the Dolphin and the Neptune pub. We listened to the band 'Triality' in the Lord Nelson pub.

Saturday 11th August 2007
Our mens' Morris side were running a longsword workshop this morning. I decided to give it a try and went along to learn a dance. I enjoyed learning a dance.

In the afternoon, it was Dress Up afternoon. The ladies had decided to dress in pyjamas and the men were dressed in Men in Black costumes. We used teddy bears instead of sticks and garlands. We danced outside the Albion place. It was quite interesting to walk through the streets afterwards!

One of the men did a barbecue in the evening and the food was lovely. I headed into the town in the evening with a couple of friends. We started off in the Rose. We then headed for the Dolphin and the Lord Nelson pubs. We went to the ceilidh at the Pavilion and then headed back to the food tent for hot chocolate with rum.

Sunday 12th August 2007
I went to the Cajun Dance Workshop in the morning. In the afternoon, we danced outside the Albion place. I headed back to Rochester in the evening.

1st Jul, 2007

I was just wondering if anyone is going to the Broadstairs Folk Festival this year? I have been down for the day before but I have never camped. I am camping during the first weekend this year.
I went to church this morning. There was a baptism during the service.

I met up with